Hirome Undaria undarioides is a brownalgae endemic to Japan.
In Japan, we eat many seaweeds such as Konbu (Saccharina japonica
), Wakame (U. pinnatifida), Hijiki (Hizikia fusiformis), Mozuku (Nemacystus decipiens), Nori (Pyropia yezoensis) and et all, but hirome is not well known also japanese.
Tanabe City (Wakayama Pref.) is the area where the use of Hirome is most popular, and aquaculture is also carried out.
However, in recent years, aquaculture has not been successful, so we established Hirome-Lab with the aim of stabilizing aquaculture.
In Hirome-lab, we will conduct research activities such as seedling production, send out information on Hirome’s products, and introduce restaurants that sell them.
At Hirome-Lab, we will carry out research activities such as seedling production, disseminate information on Hirome, and introduce restaurants that handle it.